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Microsoft Exchange Online Outage

**2:20PM CST UPDATE**: Microsoft posted another update to the NOAM Health board:

The BPOS Operations team continues to investigate service degradation issues with Exchange Online mail flow for organizations served from this region. The next service update will be provided within 2 hours if the issue is not resolved.

Hopefully we here something else soon.


Microsoft Exchange Online (and BPOS by extension) are currently having issues with mail flow (read: there isn't any).

From Microsoft as of 11:40am:

The BPOS Operations team is investigating alerts indicating service degradation for Exchange Online mail flow for organizations served from this region. Users in affected organizations may be experiencing delays when trying to send or receive e-mail using Outlook, OWA, or mobile devices. The BPOS Operations team is actively working to determine the root cause and restore service.

When I called in initially, I could hear the service manager yelling in the background as the call queue exploded from a few users to over 60 in a matter of seconds.

Who else is seeing this issue? What have been your impressions of BPOS recently? Anyone on Office 360 having the same problem?


  1. We have had nothing but poor service from BPOS. Were talking about bringing it back in house.

  2. We will migrate to Office 360 this month ... wondering if the service will improve on the new infrastructure.

  3. "We have had nothing but poor service from BPOS. Were talking about bringing it back in house."

    Same goes for us. We've had BPOS since January 2011 and it's been a very challenging ride since then.

  4. Same here. I called in and complained. They are letting us out of our initial 1-year contract with a two month credit.

  5. "Same here. I called in and complained. They are letting us out of our initial 1-year contract with a two month credit."

    That's great news and very interesting! In terms of going back to on-prem, is there off-boarding assistance?

  6. BPOS = Broke Piece of S***. We have had numerous issues with them as well. I don't think it is MS alone, this "Cloud" is NOT ready for prime time.

    I'd rather be in control of my own destiny then farm out our services to 3rd parties.

  7. Been using them for over 2 years. This is the worst outage yet. Overall reliability has been great though. I just wish they would have owned up yesterday and called it a "service interruption" not a "service degradation". No email means not working....not slow.... I'm disappointed, but I would tell all those who are thinking of jumping ship to wait it out a bit more. We've had great service at a fraction of the price of inhouse over the last two years, and I really don't think I could have run my own inhouse without downtime for two years anyways....

  8. I moved our email to BPOS at the beginning of the year and I'm on the fence. On one hand if I kept it in-house then I was facing server upgrades and internal migrations. On the other hand this outage was unacceptable and it scares me to think I'm also relying on them to manage the backup and recovery of my mail store.

  9. I can't believe that there are no news stories about this recent span of issues. One would think that having major issues 16 of the last 22 days (or 19 of that last 35 days) would be worth some headlines, at least in IT circles.

    I guess Stony's issues are more newsworthy.

    I love "BPOS = Broke Piece of S***"


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