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Does your network stink? Make a sniffer!

Sometimes there is just no substitute for looking at raw packet capture data when infiltrating troubleshooting a network. In normal situations, I'm content with loading Wireshark or Network Monitor up on a system that sits in-line with the data I require (e.g. sniffing packets from a DHCP server when you have clients that cannot get an IP address). However, there are many times when you cannot load sniffing software on the device in question, or don't want to. Perhaps you want to monitor inbound traffic to your ISP to a border router, or watch for packets leaving a device you don't manage. In these situations, you need a passive network tap to capture the traffic without touching the two end points to be monitored.

Configuring a Hyper-V R2 Core Installation

A little deal I stumbled across online landed a Core 2 Quad Q9400 with 8GB of RAM in my lap for a good price. After struggling with a deep seated desire to put a decent video card in it and lock myself in the office playing video games, I finally decided that putting together a test network would be a much healthier choice. I still locked myself in the office though.

Mozy Programmer Humor

Several of our customers use MozyPro as an offsite backup solution, whose programmers apparently have a sense of humor and nostalgia.

While running a backup for a new Mozy user today, I spotted this message while the backup was initializing:

Panda Steak!

But for dinner only :(

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They had candy too...

Gassing up in Houston, my pump invites me inside for a treat:


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