November 20, 2010

Attack of the Local Failures

You read that correctly. It is a 82 GB mailbox filled with Local Failure messages. Jon Jeffels spotted this when we couldn't figure out why his Outlook client kept crashing and hanging. Read his full post here:

November 15, 2010

Trend Micro WFBS UPX Packed Updates

I had a client with a myriad of issues related to some infected machines on the network. While digging through the firewall logs (SonicWALL TZ-170 or 190 I believe), I found this entry:

November 04, 2010

Case-sensitive DNS? Believe it.

DNS is not case-sensitive, that's what you thought, right? Me too, but apparently somebody disagrees.

Converting Citrix PVS Image from XenServer to vSphere

Having repeated this nightmarish migration several times now, here's the steps I've found to be most efficient: Import your XenSer...